Beatrice was a princess of royal blood; her father Frederick was the Duke of Lorraine, and her mother, Matilda, was the Duke of Swabia’s daughter. When her father died, Beatrice and her sister Sophia, already motherless, were hosted at the imperial court of their aunt Gisela, Emperor Konrad II’s wife.

Being heiress of one of the most influential families of the Empire, in 1038 Beatrice got married to Boniface of Tuscany who subsequently entered the highest royal aristocracy. Three children came out of this marriage: Beatrice, Frederick and Matilda. When in 1052 her husband died, Beatrice, against the will of Emperor Henry III, remarried Godfrey Duke of Lorraine, know as “Bearded”, and till her death (which occurred in 1076) reigned for 25 years with her husband over the March of Tuscany and the lands inherited from Boniface, becoming one of the most powerful women of her age. The Bianello Castle is deeply linked to the figure of Beatrice of Lorraine, as she bought it in 1044, including it in its own right among the lands of Matilda of Canossa’s family and giving us the first certain statement of its existence.


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