Bianca Pellegrini captured the heart of Pier Maria Rossi, able and cultured leader also named “the Magnificent” that built the Torrechiara Castle as fortress, symbol of Rossi’s possessions, and reserved mansion where he could love Bianca. The elegant figure of Bianca fills ceilings and lunettes of the beautiful Camera d’Oro (Golden Chamber), which was built for her in 1460 and where we can still see her travelling between mountains, rivers and Rossi’s castles, in Benedetto Bembo and other valuable artists frescoes. She was a woman who challenged the world of that time to enjoy her own destiny and all this is enclosed in that crown that never came to lay on her head.

The Castle of Torrechiara, that dominates Langhirano valley and the surrounding hills where Parma ham comes from, was declared a National Monument in 1911 and since one year later became State property; it’s open all months and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.