The existence of a castle on top of the Sarzano hill is documented to before Matilde of Canossa (the first historical document relating to the sale of the hamlet dates back to 958 a.d.); it became an important crossroads under her dynasty, given its position half-way between Langobardia and Tuscia.

Bertolani Maria Del Rio, scientist and historian, dedicated her studies at this castle. Born in 1892, she was a psychiatrist at the San Lazzaro Mental Hospital of Reggio Emilia. There, nearly a hundred years ago, she realized and leaded an extraordinary project of therapy, art form and design, inspired to the Matilda’s myth and called ArsCanusina. Along this way precious handworks were made, telling lost harmonies in the noble European language of Romanesque style.

Today, ArsCanusina® is the typical artistic crafts of Emilia’s midlands and Apennines.

A room on the first floor of the dungeon houses the ArsCanusina story.